“Be Honest… Without Visiting The Gym On The Regular You’re Feeling like It’s A Little Harder To Stick With Your Fitness Journey Right? Or That You’re Not Spending As Much Time Keeping Fit And It’s Starting To Show?”

That ends right now…

Plus… Get On-Demand Access To Your Very Own “Netflix For Fitness” Style Dashboard Featuring Over 50 Workout Videos, Grocery Store Tours, Recipes, Nutritional Guides And Much More

“For Whatever Life Throws At Us”

Join A Community That Trains Together
And Grows Together

Have You Ever Felt Like You’ve Tried Every Diet And Workout Plan… But Never Got To Where You Wanted?


Are You Ready To End The Endless Yo-Yo Weight Loss Cycle And Finally Reach Your Fitness Goals And Make 2020 One Of The Best Years Of Your Life?

Let’s See If You Can Say YES To 3 Or More Of These Questions:

Have you ever started and then quit on your fitness goals that you’ve created in the past?

Are you tired of trying to lose the same 15-30 pounds, year in and year out?

Do you feel uncomfortable with the way your clothes fit and dread having to buy the next size up?

Do you start your morning with low energy and it only gets worse as the day goes on?

Do you crave and give in to sweets and junk food, even when you know that you’ll regret it afterwards?

Does your motivation to get in better shape only last a few weeks?

Do you get bored of diet plans and diet foods?

Does your stomach feel constantly bloated?

Do you get out of breath and sweat easily?

Do you wish you could find your perfect program that will not only help you get great results but also is fun, exciting and sustainable?

We Have A Combined 43 Years In The Military



Our Success Stories Speak For Themselves.



The Last 20 Years Of Our Lives Have Lead Us To This Moment, To Create This For You  

Take A Look Inside The Platform We Have Built For You

Your Very Own
‘Netflix Style’ Fitness Dashboard  For All Your Workouts, Nutrition, Community And Mindset Needs In The Online Place

We’re Always Working On Exclusive Content!
Next Up Is #REALTALK With Ira Wenze

We’ve Just Added 30 Brand New Workouts Which You’ll Find In Your Very Own Fitness Feed.

We Change These Often To Keep The Workouts Interesting And Challenging

“You Cannot Out-Train A Bad Diet” Which Is Why You’ll Have Your Own Nutrition Feed

Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Diet With Grocery Store Tours And Incredible Fat-Burning Recipes

Get Started Today For Just $12.99



We’ve Helped Thousands Of People Just Like You!

This is a safe place of growth, encouragement and strength!”


– Dawn Asby McElroy, May 28th, 2019, Florida

Here’s What You’ll Get Instant Access To:

Private Facebook Group:

You will have access to our private group just for those that are doing the program so that you can ask questions and get real answers. This peer support, motivation, and accountability alone will give you ideas that you never thought about and help keep you on your game throughout this program.

Your Own Nutrition Dashboard:

Remove the guess-work from your nutritional intake once and for all and set in the place habits that will keep you healthy for life. Your dashboard and nutrition feed is your go-to place to help with every meal choice!

Fast Paced Workouts:

High Intensity Interval Workouts 3-4 times a week guaranteed to burn fat, tighten, and tone muscles while you work out online with us and then afterwards give you the coveted “After Burn” effect so you can burn fat 24 /7. Workouts done in the comfort of your own living room!

Virtual Grocery Store Tours:

We will take you on a virtual tour of how to shop in the Supermarket for success. No more guessing when you shop in the Supermarket.

The excitement and encouragement that you receive from everyone. The workouts push you pass your comfort zone. The education on eating and shopping is a must have to achieve healthy lifestyle goals.


– Latoya Crews, May 29th, 2019


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